Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 23 - You don't have to run alone

Thanks for downloading the show! Today I discuss how I upset Jason from Mainely Triathlon podcast. Also talk about a foot blistering barefoot run, the job front, shout outs.

Mainely Triathalon
Running to Disney
Run Vegan Run
Crazy Floridian

Episode 23 MP3

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  1. Ted - thanks for me on my Sunday morning run. I winced when listening to your blisters (something about using remaining skin as a cover), but had to laugh at how serious you have become in your quest to analyze your running metrics.

    Best of luck in your job hunt and in your family's relocation. We moved to New England from southern Virginia two years ago this month. It's been fun, and a bit challenging, but we've adapted quite well to the New England winters and lifestyle. I never knew how much of an agricultural area northern Connecticut was, but we are loving the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies, many grown in fields adjacent to my new running routes.

    Thanks for keeping up the podcasts, and providing me interesting listening material for either my runs or my commutes. I look forward to hearing about your relocation, learning to run in a new area, and the new challenges you find (and overcome). I have no doubt that with your fantastic can-do attitude that you'll thrive!

    twitter: @runct