Saturday, December 11, 2010

Episode 34 - You don't have to run alone

Welcome to Hoth! This episode finds us discussing my running, Notre Dame, school lunches as well as what's going on at work. Happy winter running!

From Drop Box
Khan Academy

Episode 34 MP3

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Episode 33 - You don't have to run alone

Welcome to Alaska! I basically talk about getting settled in. More Podcasts to follow I'm sure as things are less nuts around here, ie up to our armpits in moving boxes. Thanks for downloading the show!

Running the golden years

This running life

Run vegan run

Episode 33 MP3

ipadio: Episode 33 - You don't have to run alone

Friday, October 8, 2010

Episode 32 - You don't have to run alone

Welcome to episode 32! We've got some Navy 5 Miler audio, talk about the retirement a bit, and running in cooler weather. Enjoy, and thanks for listening :)

Episode 32 MP3

ipadio: Episode 32 - You don't have to run alone

Monday, September 20, 2010

Episode 31 - You don't have to run alone

Notre Dame episode! My fighting irish have lost 2 games in a row and it's really bumming me out. Stress about retirement. And new gear (iPod Touch 4th Gen)

BHAG running podcast
What the runner saw podcast

Episode 31 MP3

ipadio: Episode 31 - You don't have to run alone

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Episode 29 - You don't have to run alone

Sleep on it... Run on it... Just as good. FAA, past decisions, past and present running, gear and letters. It's a full episode this week. Thanks for taking me out on your runs, or in some cases, your bike rides.

What the runner saw podcast

Episode 29 MP3

ipadio: Episode 29 - You don't have to run alone

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 27 - You don't have to run alone

Sick. I don't like it, don't want it, and yep you guessed it, sick of it. Talk about getting back on the road, social media, listener feedback, jobs and what to do on my birthday. Hope you enjoy it.

Run Like a Mother

Running in the golden years

Pleasure trap

Junk food rats

Episode 27 MP3

ipadio: Episode 27 - You don't have to run alone

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Episode 26 - You don't have to run alone

Talking about my sickness and training, the continued discussion of Fructose, and me getting swindled by the food and beverage industry.

Agave good or bad?

Robert H. Lustig's video

Robert H. Lustig PDF study

Episode 26 MP3

ipadio: Episode 26 - You don't have to run alone

Friday, August 6, 2010

Episode 25 - You don't have to run alone

Retro run! Where I discuss mostly where I have come in just a years time. An update on child nutrition and a startling study done on Fructose.

Alberto Salazar's Guide to Road Racing (Kindle Edition)

The Competitive Runner's Handbook: The Bestselling Guide to Running 5Ks through Marathons (Kindle Edition)
by Bob Glover

Daniels' Running Formula - 2nd Edition (Kindle Edition)
by Daniels, Jack

Running the Narrow Path with Krister

Runners Round Table -- Beat the heat!

Fructose and Cancer
Child lunch program

My all natural electrolyte/carb drink:

16oz water bottle:
2 lemons (with pulp) = 120 Cals
2 Tablespoons Agave nectar = 120 Cals
1 Teaspoon Molasses = 20 Cals
1/4 Teaspoon sea salt
Rest filled with water

130 Calories taken at miles 5 and 9 (about half a 16 oz bottle) Contains Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium. And it's cheap.

Episode 25 MP3

ipadio: Episode 25 - You don't have to run alone

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Voice from the past. One year ago... July 2009

(Mile 6 of 7)

Voice mail arrives.

Hay Ted! Hows things? See we've a small problem right now. Seems the foot department sent you a preventive maintenance report last week? You didn't happen to recycle bin that did you? Well... It seems that there's a section of the foot department called the ligament section. Since you didn't respond to their message they were forced to contact the labor union. They walked off the job and turned off the lights.

So your probably thinking right now how that sucks, bla bla yadda yadda. But there's good news! They said they'll come back to the negotiating table in 3 days. We'll set up a meeting then to see if they can make the repairs and both you and I can get back on the road!

Ok so message me if you need anything, otherwise the brain dept suggests you put a "bag of ice on it" ... whatever that means.



(Phone rings)


Yea this is Ted.

Oh hai, I take it you got my message?

Yea, that's unacceptable.

Well see here's the rub there Ted. See this is non negotiable.

Hay I've got BMI to loose, we need to get back on the road man!

Sir, records indicate that you were running 20 Miles per week on the first of July. And it now looks like you're running at 50 Miles per week. I never was great at math but anyone can see that it's too much too fast!

But I get oogled at now!

You "think" you get oogled at.

But I only increased 10% a week?

Your point? We're almost 40 years old man! Don't forget just 8 months ago you were 250+ pounds. Do you have any idea what that does to us here in your body?

What about my goal of the perimeter road by my birthday?

What of it? Not my department. You can't keep going the way your going. Sorry. I've directed the department heads to shut down anything they need to prevent permenant damage.

What about the Marine Corps Marathon 10k in October?

Should be able to. But your going to back down on the miles. Period.

Fine. I'll take 3 days off. But we're back out there when we get back from Georgia!

Leave the running shoes at home or the deals off. Take your basketball shoes. We know you won't cheat and run on those.


Goodby sir, have a great day!

Screw you body.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Episode 24 - You don't have to run alone

Adventures at camp! How do you handle trips and still get your runs in? It was a difficult challenge this week as the schedule didn't permit a lot of spare time. That and I had a really rough week sleeping. As always thanks for taking me out with you on your runs.

Ocoee River rafting
Operation Military Kids
Wahsega Camp
Racoon Mountain

Episode 24 MP3

ipadio: Episode 24 - You don't have to run alone

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 23 - You don't have to run alone

Thanks for downloading the show! Today I discuss how I upset Jason from Mainely Triathlon podcast. Also talk about a foot blistering barefoot run, the job front, shout outs.

Mainely Triathalon
Running to Disney
Run Vegan Run
Crazy Floridian

Episode 23 MP3

ipadio: Episode 23 - You don't have to run alone

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Episode 18 - You don't have to run alone

Today we discuss my friend Dan doing a podcast maybe? Tweetup with Kris. Pea/Rice/Hemp protein shakes. YDHT(R3)A. C130's/Badgers. I was all over the place on this episode. Really wanted to focus on dealing with hotter running.

From Drop Box

Pearl Izumi Visor
Real Rookie Running
What the runner saw
Run Vegan Run
Running to Disney

Episode 18 MP3

ipadio: Episode 18 - You don't have to run alone

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You don't have to R3 alone

I teamed up with Mike from "Real Rookie Running" or R3 and produced episode 1 of the "You don't have to R3 alone" podcast. You can check it out here:

You don't have to R3 alone
Episode 1 MP3

Friday, June 4, 2010

Episode 17 - You don't have to run alone

Today we cover current training and shoes, food rant continuation, weight in. I also go onto a diatribe on aircraft, talk about papamev who touched me and barefoot running.

Sorry for the wind noise on part of the run! I promise I'll get a hat/visor soon. Last few recordings I've had the mic on my shirt and it's not working out.

Episode 17 MP3

ipadio: Episode 17 - You don't have to run alone

Monday, May 31, 2010

Episode 16 - You don't have to run alone

Week in review, shoes, and embarrassing moments on the long run.

Operation Purple
Chacos on the Run

Episode 16

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Episode 15 - You don't have to run alone

This week's episode is a stone soup. We've got week in review, listener feedback, shoes and heart rate training. Thanks to Mike over at Real Rookie Running for this weeks focus topic.

Real Rookie Running
Awesome HR excell sheet
HR Zone calculator

Episode 15

ipadio: Episode 15 - You don't have to run alone

Friday, May 7, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 13

In this episode we recap my performance at the Frederick Marathon. Since the voicemail opened up several have graciously submitted in, and are included in this episode as well. There is some misc items of interest as well. Hope you enjoy it, and try and run for fun!

Geek Girl Runner Podcast
Runners World Forums written recap
Running to Disney
Jaydub's blog

Episode 13 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 13

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 12


Today we head out on the mall again for a tweetup. This time it's with a lovely mis Joanne who's in town for the first time in years. We start off with Matt from Run Digger Run, and end up with a great lunch and great company. Thanks for listening!

Jo's blog
Episode 12 MP3
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get with the program Ted

Voicemail is now set up for the show. You can leave a voice message at 206-309-4056

Will be running on the mall again tomorrow. And once again will be with a special guest. Might be able to publish a new YDHTRA Friday evening. We'll see, because Friday is Marathon prep day.

Not very happy following the weather forcast. Thunderstorms possible and a start temp of 70 degrees. Throws a *huge* monkey wrench into my pace plan.

Anyway Drop me a message on the shiney new voicemessage service!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 11

Air Force physical fitness results and the week in review. Podcasts, vasectomies, and an upcoming tweetup in DC next week. Thanks for listening!

Show notes:

Run Digger Run
Two fit chicks and a microphone
Real Rookie Running
Evolution Running

Episode 11 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 11

Monday, April 19, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 10

Where to begin.

First I spose it would be a good idea to split this up into managable bits. So I'll be putting out a 2 part segment this week. I appologize in advance if that is too much for normal consumption but I found myself unable to remove any of the content.

The reason why is that my new friend Matt accompanied me on a run along our nations capital this Sunday. On a whim I got the nerve up to mail him as I had recently found his podcast and since he was local, invited him to go for a run with me. And to my suprise he agreed.

What ensued was remarkable. It was a meeting of complete strangers. And yet we were able to discuss things that were common to us as easily as decade old friends. Common interests in the military, podcast community, DC living, etc made for the easiest conversation I've had with ANYONE in a very long time. There was no pressure, it just flowed. I think that best describes it.

So what I have for you this week is that in its entire glory. I simply found no meaningful bits to remove during our run but the errant sniffle.

You'll find that my breathing may seem heavy but thanks to the magic of audio editing software I was able to amplify the quiet bits to make his voice more readily heard. That had a side effect of increasing ambient noises as well. I hope that it doesn't reduce overall enjoyment.

We took in sights that I've never experienced before in my life. I related the story of it to my wife simply as: "There are moments in your life you will not soon forget. And today's run is one of them."

So I hope that it is some worth to those that take the time to listen. This is a *major* departure from the normal show length. It will not be the norm, but the exception.

Dan's Marathon tips
Run Digger Run
Andrew is getting Fit!

Episode 10 part 1
Episode 10 part 2

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 10 part 2

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 10 part 1

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sunday's long run of 13 planned at our nations capital. I've always wanted to run on the mall. Really excited to have the oportunity. And since I'll be retiring soon it became clear that I had better get this run in sooner rather than later. Will be recording episode 10 with a very special guest. Never done an interview so I hope I don't mess it up! Wish me luck!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

You don't have to run alone Episode 09

Show notes:

Talk about the morning run I'm on (first one of its kind for me). Meet up with the police twice. Talk about past and future training. Podcasts I'm listening to, projects I'm working on. The iPod saga etc.. Lots in this one. Sorry for it being long.

Ted's Daily Mile
Run Vegan Run
Run Digger Run
Brother Love - There she goes

Episode 09 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 09

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Obliterated iTunes

My entire listing of Podcasts has been nuked. I'm devistated. Couple that with my iPod Touch going 6 feet under we've developed a full on panic.

I did upgrade my machine from ancient early 2000's to 2006 time frame so the speed is nice, but if I can't have my podcasts I'm going to go into full on shakes.

Thank the sweet 6 pound baby Jesus that exists. I just have to remember what I had outside of that listing.

27 days and a wake up to the Marathon and I'm freaking out.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Ok going to incorporate more nuts to my diet. Due to the weigh in this week... consumed about 500 cals of nuts in one sitting... dagoooon those are some tastey nuts I must say. Soy/Walnut/Pecan.... what a delicious combination.

You don't have to run alone - Episode 08

In this episode we discuss the impending Marathon, quite a bit of Jamie Oliver's food revolution, and Run to Disney podcast.

Show notes:

Jamie Oliver's Food revolution
Run to Disney
Run Vegan Run

Episode 08 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 08

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

YDHTRA posting tomorrow

Sorry for the delay folks. It's been impossible for me to runcast this week due to high winds. I'm definitely taking you guys out with me tomorrow for my second 9 miler for the week.

There is a minor thing of an equipment problem. Seems I killed my old recorder on a 13 I did and transitioning to a new recorder. We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

long run

Tomorrows long run I'm going to refuel with real food. Wife made food. First layer soft taco layer, next taco sauce, next refried bean, next cheese... Cut in quarters like a pizza....

As some may know my normal refuel run is fueled by chia/agave/blablabla so we'll see this weekend how my digestive tract handles solid foods.

I've got a feeling that it's going to go very well. We're still dealing with whole foods, but in a diferent way.

22 miles here we come!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I ran with my Squadron and finished 4th of around 100 folks.

While not remarkable, what happened afterwards is.

At mile 4 of my fill in what I didn't get out of their workout, I found myself dozing off... I know I know, not sposed to do that. One loss of focus and WHAAM.


I was listening intently to Dirt Dawg and not paying attention (DD I don't hold you responsible) and my right foot cought the pavement. I processed this and guys I'm 100% serious my brain thought "Save the legs" because as we now know I'm doing the Frederick Marathon in a few weeks. I put my arms out, twisted slightly to the right and rolled on my left shoulder to absorb the blow.

The result was a torn up left hand, scraped left knee.... The leg could have been 1000 times worse if I would have landed differently.

Now I'm sitting here with superglue all over my body. I let everything weep and harden up naturally. With a layer of superglue over everything we'll heal up easily. But there's a lesson to be learned. I just talked about SA (Situational Awareness) in my last PC. I didn't stay alert. I let myself relax to the point where this happened.

Stay alert out there guys!

Couple of pictures from last weekend's half mary

At the Indian head rail trail that you'll remember I talked about on my 20 miler.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

You don't have to run alone Episode 07

Hey there everyone, it's time for another YDHTRA episode. In today's bit I talk about my upcoming marathon! A bit on smoking, podcasts, and this run net community.

Sorry for the wind noise. I dropped the recorder during my half mary on Sunday and today the ear piece pickup went dead. That made it impossible to monitor if it was quiet enough talk or not.

Show notes:

Kelownagurl Tris
Early Morning Cruzin
Dirt Dawg
2 Gomers
Crazy Floridian

Food Rant

Episode 07 Direct Download

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 07

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today's run

Today's run was really cool. Well not cool as in temperature, but cool in a way that was really a testiment to why we *do* training runs.

Today's run was to test what it felt like to go goal marathon pace (9:00 M/M) for a half marathon distance. Last week's 20 miler was a test to see if the cardio gods were smiling enough that I could *go* the marathon distance.

My family accompanied me for some of this run, what a great thing. They rode the bikes while I ran. The youngest towed along behind my wife in a carriage of sorts with the Chiwawa with her. Really good stuff. See we've biked in DC alot and we're pretty dogon good at biking all the monuments and whatnot. The only difference with today was that I wasn't stopping to smell the roses so to speak. They descided at mile 4 to turn around and snap some pictures and leisure their way back while I finished my run.

This worked out really cool actually cause then I really got to the job at hand. Evidently my youngest (5 yrs) got to get her own "training" run in as well. See she's training for the kids fun run while I run my marathon this May's 2nd.

The heat was at least a +10 BPM on my HR monitor and this was a really good guage on what to expect on game day. All in all it was a sub 2 half mary and it really gave me a boost of confidence that I *can* do this marathon. And I should be able to do it the way I've trained.

That's why we train right? To see where we are, what we're currently capable of. I learned alot of things on todays run. I regret nothing. Well I sorta regret that the fam didn't have a better time. Maybe we can figure out a way to make it better for them in the future. It was really nice having them out there with me today.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 06

Today we discuss a monumental 20 miler and the hazards associated with it, podcasts I'm listening to, and a bit of this and that.

Sorry for the show length, it went about 15 minutes over production. I tried to cut out as much drivil from me as I could but it still ran a bit long.

Show notes/links:
JayDub's blog
Jesse's blog
Banned on the run!
Living Barefoot!
Julia Armstrong
Eddie Izzard Marathon Man

Episode 6 Direct download

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 06

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Indian Head Rail Trail

Lets preface this by saying that my schedule for this week's long run was a 13. Next week will be an 18, followed by a 13/19/13/20 etcetera.

I had no intention to do what I did today

Ok. Got that done. But seriously folks. My co-worker tells me Friday, "Hey I found this great route on my bike this week and it's awesome." To which I googled it and raised an eyebrow.

What special about this route? It's an abandoned rail road section where Maryland pulled up the rails and ties and cleaned it up. They then black topped it and blocked it off to all motorized traffic. This route literally is tailored to anyone. It even has porta potties at parking lots along the way! I kid you not!

I live next to the District of Columbia. It's a flippin concrete jungle out there. And it's dangerous as !@#%$%^&*. That's why I only run on base. And that lends itself to boredom.

So I descided that I would run this route today. I got on this trail run and my jaw dropped. Beauty. Streams, wildlife, and the lack of humanity seemed to course through my veins. I drew power and passion today and nearly grinned the entire time I was on the run. I was listening to back episodes of A mile with me podcasts and the miles literally melted by.

I ended up doing a PB distance of 20 miles:
The run route!
Distance: 20.2
Time: 3:14:06
Avg Pace: 9:35
Calories: 3,189
Avg HR: 142
Elevation gain/loss: +1,475 / -1,450

Yes I hurt a bit from 17-20 but that's ok. Joints mostly, no muscle fussing or cardio issues. Fueling was my standard carrot juice, salt, chia, agave, lime juice. Zero issues with endurance. Some of the data points got messed up cause my garmin for whatever reason turned back on while I was on the road (I was monitoring my heart rate recovery). So some of the data points are messed up.

All in all the most miraculous run I've ever had. And I've vowed to myself and anyone who listens that any and all runs that I have on a day off or the weekend will be done on this trail. It was a serious departure from humanity.

And I loved it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Speed increase?

Adam Culp talked about his easy pace speed increase on his blog and it got me thinking. That's exactly what's happened to me recently. My 9:30 easy pace no longer feels easy, it feels lethargic. For the last 2 days my runs have been nearer to the 9mm range.

I talked a bit about this in ep05 of ydhtra. Is it the suppliment? Rest? Blizzards? Weight loss?

Does it matter?

And just like Adam postulated, do you embrace the change or call it a fluke. But for one, the amount of effort per Avg HR is much different now than it was even 2 months ago.

I don't have a race to plug into McMillan's calculator. It's been my bible for nearly 2 years now.

Thanks to the data of sport tracks I've noticed a significant difference in the last few months. So whatever it is, I've got to think that in order for me to challange my new self I will have to increase my pace accordingly.

To think that in '08 I could barely run a mile and a half in 15 minutes. 250 lbs. And now I know I can run 6-6:30 mm's for the 1.5 and am -65 lbs...

Man what a journey this has been.

Run for fun!

Monday, March 8, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 05

What an episode. From a production standpoint I need to make sure that editing nearly 3 hours of audio down to 30 minutes (ish) is not just a challange, it's very difficult.

In this episode I discuss Geek Girl Runners nude escapade, our vitamix, some podcast shout outs and my scratch cooking.

Show notes:

GGR's blog

Early Morning Cruizin

What the Runner Saw

Quercetin at GNC

How to make Fetta

Crazy Adam Culp

Episode 05 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 05

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today's run

Today's run began with much anticipation. I knew I wanted to do 13+ but honestly had no idea how I'd feel once I hit the road. I ended up recording Ep05 while on it. I'll edit it down tomorrow and publish. I'm pretty beat tonight and kinda just want to relax.

What made this run eventfull enough to blog about was the conditions outside. It was mid 50's so my gear was minimal, hardly any wind for the first time in recent memory, etc.

I tried a new cost effective version of my refueling gell.

Carrot Juice (made in the VitaMix all fiber included) for the Potassium
1/2 tsp sea salt for the required CaCl
1 Tbl Agave nectar
1/2 Lime juice
2 Tbl Chia seed

I actually found this to be a very good and effective electrolyte/refueling tactic. I honestly felt like I could go on all day. The reason I changed out the coconut water for the carrot juice is that coconut water is pretty doggon expensive here but carrots are really cheap and provide more than just potassium.

The run ended up being a personal best distance. The only reason why I quit was that I had told my wife that I'd be home by a certain time. And I didn't want her to worry. Run stats to follow:

Activity Type: Running
Time: 02:49:04
Distance: 17.13 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,388 ft
Calories: 2,677 C
Time: 02:49:04
Avg Pace: 09:52 min/mi
Avg HR: 141 bpm
Max HR: 151 bpm

So chalk it up to alot of factors I guess. Rest (at least 8-9 hrs a night), fueling, weather, everything came together for today's run that's for sure. I'm very very satisfied with today's performance.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 04

Show notes:

Today I talk about kitchen appliances, some shout outs and ramblings. And the "touchy" subject of guys and the chest area getting aggravated while on long runs.

Running From the Reaper Podcast - E95

Geek Girl Runner

Shock as Weight Watchers OK's McDonald's Food

Holy Bloody Nipples!

Very sorry for the audio quality in today's podcast. It seemed like rush hour out there with all the road noise. I also forgot to meantion Geek Girl Runner's adventure to help out a photographer get a mass of folks picture nude. Hilarity ensued when she says "We were up at the butt crack of dawn" to go get naked.... Nearly shot water out of my mouth when she said that. lol.

Really meant to include that but I get so distracted sometimes with the wind noise and cars. I have to pause to let the noise die down before I start up again and sometimes I loose my place in what I'm talkin bout.

Episode 04 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 04

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cool thing that happened to me today

So I'm running the perimeter of the base for

today's run

(8.8 miles for those wondering) Approaching mile 6 and I see a line of tail lights. I'm thinking ruh-roh raggy whats going on.

I come trotting up and then realize that they've shut down the perimeter cause the boss is coming in. Shoot. Wonder how long this is going to take I'm thinking. I can see the SF (Security Forces) holding folks up, and confirms it in my mind.

Then I hear the tell tale sound of an engine on landing. Where the fins come out to direct the exhaust of the engines in front of them causing a braking manuever.

Not seconds after that the SF lets the line of cars go, steps out of the center lane and walks off the road.

Without skipping a beat I grin the biggest grin and throw double hand horns up at the SF saying "I couldn't have timed that better! Thought I was going to have to stop!"

So a shout out to my boss and thank the President of the United States for timing his flight today to coincide with my run.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Friday, February 26, 2010

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 03

Episode 03 Show notes:

Episode 3 isn't a runcast this week, sorry. I talk about last weeks activities, current weight and my families future in the Air Force.

Running from the reaper

Adam Culp's blog

Dr. Monte's old site

Dr. Monte's New site

Shadowcasts Antarctic Marathon

Episode 03 MP3

WII Fit weigh in today

I didn't mean to do this.

Since the first of the year I've lost another 10 pounds. Lost 2 inches more in my waist. I'm sitting now at 185 lbs.

See the thing is, is that I'm not trying to loose more weight. I mean I've got some belly fat I'd like to loose but it's really not that much. How much more am I going to loose you might ask?

Dunno, ask the running gods. But I think it has to do something with this:

(Activities since Jan 1, 2010)

Count: 46 Activities
Distance: 307.14 mi
Time: 49:13:00 h:m:s
Avg Speed: 6.2 mph
Avg HR: 145 bpm
Calories: 42,536 C
Max Distance: 16.00 mi

That's over 12 pounds worth of calories. I mean I'm eating really well. I'd say 90% of my food intake is whole foods, and about 10% has a food label on it. And even there, it's like milk, tuna packs, stuff like that.

I'd really like to stay where I am but I really don't want to pig out. I don't like the feeling it gives me. And I sure as @#$% not giving up my running.

I was 250 pounds with a 39 (sucking in) inch waist.... Now my waist is 32. I'm really living in a new body. Saw a picture of me in late 07 and my belly was hanging over my belt line. I am smack dab in the normal BMI of 23 but started out in the obease category of 31.

I don't know what to do.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sigmund Freud recommends I observe my pee

Ok maybe not him but it is a good idea. I have no idea why this popped into my head today but I tallied my water intake on training days. I calculated that I intake 16-20 cups of water, or 1 gallon to 1 1/4 gallons per day.

That may seem like alot but I also have to have my coffee in the morning, which negates some of that intake, and maybe a nip or two of whiskey at night which negates more. But back to the pee, I really monitor my fluid level by it's color.

Yes it's gross. If your not a runner/athelete get over it but it's a fact that we check that very thing to make sure we're staying hydrated *enough*

Hyponatremia is a real fear of mine, but moreso is de-hydration. Which is what I think got me to visit this because yesterday's easy 6 I way overdressed for the weather and the use of cotton and whatnot my clothes post workout had to weigh 10 pounds.

I don't normally drink water on my easy 6/9's in cool weather. It's not until I do my long runs of 12+ where I think of fuel and water. But after observing my heart rate which was 10-15 above normal for my run yesterday I had to attribute it to overheating and general crummy feeling. (And the nasty near brown color of my post workout pee)

I guess the moral of the story is keep tabs on that pee peeps... It's the best guage to how well we're hydrated.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What they don't tell you about that long run

The next day I was massively hungry.

Now at first glance, now would be the time to say to yourself, "Self. You deserve to eat anything you want." But the reality of it is I have to train myself to recognize that and embrace the indulgence. But differently.

So at lunch while my chicken was nuking in the microwave, I sat at the counter and ate carrots, cauliflower, broccoli dipped with homemade hummus. Now I was able to cruise through quite a bit of that. Finished my chicken strips I made and realized I was still massively hungry. Grab an apple. Check, now an orange.... Done.

Dinner consisted of a bit of chicken, cooked potatoes and carrots. Also had a frozen smoothy from dannon's yogurt and frozen fruit. And again topped it off with more fresh veggies. Finally satiated.

Some may remember the Times article last summer that says that excersize causes weight gain and not loss. Of course the study was fundamentally flawed. But today it got me thinking. I chose to eat 100% natural and entirely from whole foods.

That is the difference. It's too easy for the population to down a Gatorade, grab processed junk and completely defeat a calorie neutral diet and instead come out calorie positive.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best way to burn off 2500 calories?

Run 16 miles. Wonderful day outside. 40 degree weather with low winds. Dr Monte's back issues of his podcast in my ears. *Very* enjoyable.

Time: 02:39:20
Avg Pace: 09:57 min/mi
Avg HR: 147 bpm
Distance: 16.00 mi
Elevation Gain: 845 ft
Calories: 2,507 C

Garmin route

That's now my farthest run in my career. I'd also like to add that my fuel on the run was Chia seeds mixed in Coconut water. 1-1/2 limes juiced and 2 tblspoons of honey. Only made it through half the batch, put the rest in the fridge. It's good for 2-3 weeks in there, will burn the rest off next long run.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lots of snow melting

Need to scout the perimeter of the base too see how much of it I can run safely. Which is really important in my long run, that 9 mile perimeter run is the core of my long run workout. We've gotten tons of great days recently that would be great for snow melting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 02

You don't have to run alone - Episode 02

Show notes:

Opening song:

Sara Haze - Beautiful Day

Nigel clip with permission at:

Running From the Reaper Podcast

Wanted to get a quick one out because I'm not sure I'll be able to produce a runcast this weekend due to life. Today I talk a little bit about me, my Air Force career field, weight, etc. It's a digital log of my life and hope that you get something out of it. Thanks!


Episode 02 MP3

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show note links:


Running From the Reaper

Kelownagurl Tris

Geek Girl Runner


Episode 01 MP3

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 01

Episode 1 done with edits!

Thank goodness. Man that takes alot of work.

Forgot to add my email at the end of the podcast. Email Ted

First podcast talks about me introducing myself, where I've been. I discuss my running past and future goals. Little bit on my family, and why I'm starting to podcast. I go over some podcasts I love to listen to, and discuss a new kitchen arrival.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 11-12 runs

So what do you do after back to back blizzards? Find the only place cleared and safe to run. The base gym has been shut down all week because of the snow. I did get lots of good cardio from shoveling snow. I didn't get nearly as sore as I did last December when we got dumped on. So if you check my garmin you'll see I ran up and down the same street like it was my own track. Funny, but I did get

my run in. Garmin

Yesterday I was able to expand it out a bit. Few other streets got cleared and was safe enough to run with the cars.


Also got my podcasting gear in!

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (VN 6200PC)

Also got an external mic for it.

Olympus ME-15 Microphone

Spent quite a bit of time last night playing with it, learning, etc. Also made a windscreen for it (Thanks wifey for the help!) Will do some recording today on my run.