Monday, May 31, 2010

Episode 16 - You don't have to run alone

Week in review, shoes, and embarrassing moments on the long run.

Operation Purple
Chacos on the Run

Episode 16


  1. Hey Ted, just finished listening to episode 14 and that kicked ass man. The Blue Angels soaring above you as you run was flippin incredible. I was on my elliptical because it was pouring outside and could not go for my run and you had me laughing my ass off. I would like to know if you can tell me what you use to record your show and the type of microphone you use because I would like to start my own podcast. Any info would really be appreciated. Your show is now my fav one to listen to on my runs. Thanks Ted. Jaydog.

  2. Ted, love the show, not much substance to my comment but I've tuned in for the past couple episodes and you are definetly in my rotations of running Podcasts, I listen to Fdip, HZR TEMP, and run run live, you wanted to hear from listeners, so here it is.....keep up the good training and Podcasting,

    normstumbler from fla

  3. Dude, wouldn't it have been better to hide in the bushes and squat versus doing 'the deed' in your shorts? (Been there done that, but hit the bushes myself. Always carry an extra napkin in the pocket, just in case.)

  4. I had gotten to the point where I could *not* move. The flashing red light became a steady flatline. There was no return, no vamp bite on the neck to save me.