Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You don't have to R3 alone

I teamed up with Mike from "Real Rookie Running" or R3 and produced episode 1 of the "You don't have to R3 alone" podcast. You can check it out here:

You don't have to R3 alone
Episode 1 MP3


  1. Looks like another one I'll have to add to my list. I'll run with you tomorrow.

  2. As per '5 Star' iTunes review:

    The Peanut Butter Cup of Running Podcasts

    Peanut Butter - Love it!
    Chocolate - Love it!

    Put it together and not only do you have a delicious snack, but quite possibly a stand alone food group. OUTSTANDING!!

    So you take 2 of my all time fav running podcasts... (1)"Real Rookie Running" with Corey and Mike; and (2) "You Don't Have To Run Alone" with Air Force Ted; then mix Mike & Air Force Ted together, and you get some podcasting yummyness. (I hope Corey is involved with future episodes too!)

    The pilot episode was a delicious treat, loaded with backstory, goals, running tips, podcast favs, jokes & laughs, and much more. I'm sure I looked like a running 'nerd'... or 'geek', as I ran down the road laughing out loud.

    I'm hoping for many more episodes to come... and please load up some podcast artwork too. (can't stand the podcast dude default pic) Maybe something in brown since I know that's Air Force Ted''s favorite color. xD