Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Voice from the past. One year ago... July 2009

(Mile 6 of 7)

Voice mail arrives.

Hay Ted! Hows things? See we've a small problem right now. Seems the foot department sent you a preventive maintenance report last week? You didn't happen to recycle bin that did you? Well... It seems that there's a section of the foot department called the ligament section. Since you didn't respond to their message they were forced to contact the labor union. They walked off the job and turned off the lights.

So your probably thinking right now how that sucks, bla bla yadda yadda. But there's good news! They said they'll come back to the negotiating table in 3 days. We'll set up a meeting then to see if they can make the repairs and both you and I can get back on the road!

Ok so message me if you need anything, otherwise the brain dept suggests you put a "bag of ice on it" ... whatever that means.



(Phone rings)


Yea this is Ted.

Oh hai, I take it you got my message?

Yea, that's unacceptable.

Well see here's the rub there Ted. See this is non negotiable.

Hay I've got BMI to loose, we need to get back on the road man!

Sir, records indicate that you were running 20 Miles per week on the first of July. And it now looks like you're running at 50 Miles per week. I never was great at math but anyone can see that it's too much too fast!

But I get oogled at now!

You "think" you get oogled at.

But I only increased 10% a week?

Your point? We're almost 40 years old man! Don't forget just 8 months ago you were 250+ pounds. Do you have any idea what that does to us here in your body?

What about my goal of the perimeter road by my birthday?

What of it? Not my department. You can't keep going the way your going. Sorry. I've directed the department heads to shut down anything they need to prevent permenant damage.

What about the Marine Corps Marathon 10k in October?

Should be able to. But your going to back down on the miles. Period.

Fine. I'll take 3 days off. But we're back out there when we get back from Georgia!

Leave the running shoes at home or the deals off. Take your basketball shoes. We know you won't cheat and run on those.


Goodby sir, have a great day!

Screw you body.



  1. Actually that bout with Achilles Tendinitis sidelined me for many weeks worth of meaningful training. It was a lesson to learn early in my running career that could have been a ton worse if I didn't listen to my body.