Monday, April 19, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 10

Where to begin.

First I spose it would be a good idea to split this up into managable bits. So I'll be putting out a 2 part segment this week. I appologize in advance if that is too much for normal consumption but I found myself unable to remove any of the content.

The reason why is that my new friend Matt accompanied me on a run along our nations capital this Sunday. On a whim I got the nerve up to mail him as I had recently found his podcast and since he was local, invited him to go for a run with me. And to my suprise he agreed.

What ensued was remarkable. It was a meeting of complete strangers. And yet we were able to discuss things that were common to us as easily as decade old friends. Common interests in the military, podcast community, DC living, etc made for the easiest conversation I've had with ANYONE in a very long time. There was no pressure, it just flowed. I think that best describes it.

So what I have for you this week is that in its entire glory. I simply found no meaningful bits to remove during our run but the errant sniffle.

You'll find that my breathing may seem heavy but thanks to the magic of audio editing software I was able to amplify the quiet bits to make his voice more readily heard. That had a side effect of increasing ambient noises as well. I hope that it doesn't reduce overall enjoyment.

We took in sights that I've never experienced before in my life. I related the story of it to my wife simply as: "There are moments in your life you will not soon forget. And today's run is one of them."

So I hope that it is some worth to those that take the time to listen. This is a *major* departure from the normal show length. It will not be the norm, but the exception.

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