Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best way to burn off 2500 calories?

Run 16 miles. Wonderful day outside. 40 degree weather with low winds. Dr Monte's back issues of his podcast in my ears. *Very* enjoyable.

Time: 02:39:20
Avg Pace: 09:57 min/mi
Avg HR: 147 bpm
Distance: 16.00 mi
Elevation Gain: 845 ft
Calories: 2,507 C

Garmin route

That's now my farthest run in my career. I'd also like to add that my fuel on the run was Chia seeds mixed in Coconut water. 1-1/2 limes juiced and 2 tblspoons of honey. Only made it through half the batch, put the rest in the fridge. It's good for 2-3 weeks in there, will burn the rest off next long run.


  1. Congrats on the new milestone of 16 miles. Keep going, but remember not to increase your weekly miles by too much each week. (Or you risk injury.)
    Glad to see the weather is shaping up enough for you to run more.

    Interesting fuel during the run. I have heard of Chia, but it is too darn expensive. I stick with Hammer Nutrition HEED and gel for runs less than 26 miles, and for longer I use Perpetuem.

  2. I got mine here: so it's not that expensive over time. Felt that a more natural solution fit me better than a commercial product.

    And you're very right about upping miliage. I won't increase that amount for many weeks.