Friday, February 26, 2010

ipadio: You don't have to run alone - Episode 03


  1. Wow, great podcast! Lots of topics.

    Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better. I know that sprains make it tough to maintain your new mid-foot striking. Keep it up.

    In our area of Florida they school system teaches the kids a great deal about nutrition. My son regularly comes home with new things he wants to do. It is good you are doing this in your home schooling while the children have minds like sponges. I like the way you calculate the amount of running it would take to burn calories eaten. Helps us realize the impact of what we eat.

    Sounds like you are at a point where core weight training might not be a bad idea. But be careful not to go too hard or often, especially while your miles are high.

    Do not be so jaded against protein supplements, there are many good ones out there. However it will take some trial and error to figure out which works best for you. (Yes, they vary by individual. I can tell you of my experience if you are interested.) Now that your mileage is high you should be adding protein and carb intake during the first hour after your runs.

  2. Thanks Adam!

    Yessir, I'll consider some of the protein stuff. Don't you have to up your hydration when your taking that?