Saturday, March 27, 2010

long run

Tomorrows long run I'm going to refuel with real food. Wife made food. First layer soft taco layer, next taco sauce, next refried bean, next cheese... Cut in quarters like a pizza....

As some may know my normal refuel run is fueled by chia/agave/blablabla so we'll see this weekend how my digestive tract handles solid foods.

I've got a feeling that it's going to go very well. We're still dealing with whole foods, but in a diferent way.

22 miles here we come!


  1. How did the 'real food' fueling go? I know the results of the run, but curious how the fueling went.

  2. Food went *great* I even had some baby food banana mush I took at mile 12 and 19. Zero gastro issues. The quesadilla kept me running strong.

    After effect of no hunger when I got home so not sure what that means. I did have a post run milk with Ovaltine in it just cause I "have" to. Definitely will do it again.

    Hydration is another issue though, need to add another half liter to the camelpack. At mile 17 I called in my family to crew me. They gave me some apple juice and a half liter of water