Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 04

Show notes:

Today I talk about kitchen appliances, some shout outs and ramblings. And the "touchy" subject of guys and the chest area getting aggravated while on long runs.

Running From the Reaper Podcast - E95

Geek Girl Runner

Shock as Weight Watchers OK's McDonald's Food

Holy Bloody Nipples!

Very sorry for the audio quality in today's podcast. It seemed like rush hour out there with all the road noise. I also forgot to meantion Geek Girl Runner's adventure to help out a photographer get a mass of folks picture nude. Hilarity ensued when she says "We were up at the butt crack of dawn" to go get naked.... Nearly shot water out of my mouth when she said that. lol.

Really meant to include that but I get so distracted sometimes with the wind noise and cars. I have to pause to let the noise die down before I start up again and sometimes I loose my place in what I'm talkin bout.

Episode 04 MP3


  1. It was very funny thinking of Sara Palin in a bikini with a machine gun in each hand rocking a jungle scene. (I added more mentally as you described it.)
    You are running a lot, do you take a rest day? (seemed like you had runs of 6+ miles each day.)
    I love the traffic and airplane (or helicopter) sounds in the background. It really adds realism, and yes I also hate the cigarette or cigar smoke while I am running. (funny that you get asked for directions again)
    I am lucky, never had nipple troubles. Must come with the "Father Voice" that Geekgirlrunner mentioned. (I laughed hard when she said that.)
    I recommend Ubuntu Linux. (It is what I use on all of my systems.) Rhythm Box is not too bad for iTunes replacement, but still not 100%.
    Lightning Thief was better book than a movie, says my son.
    Sounds like your running is coming along great!

  2. I do in fact take a rest day. As described in E02 my rest day is part of my training as much as running 10 miles. Normally my rest day is on Saturday. I get in 40-50 miles per week on the other 6 days.

    Regarding Linux, I'm actually using Mint which has been very nice to me so far. I've been pure Ubuntu in the past but felt that the user friendly Mint was more in my daughters comfort zone.



  3. Ted,

    Just started listening to your podcast on Friday on a business trip. Ended up listening to all 4 and really enjoyed them. We think alike in many ways.

    Just wanted to say thank you and please keep up the great work.

    (Rick445 on Buckeye)

  4. Well I really appreciate you listening. Your blog is bang on about food. You're right we do think alike. I really enjoyed the Bald Eagle Megatransect 25 miler vid. Some of those trails were *very* technical. Well done!