Monday, March 15, 2010

You don't have to run alone - Episode 06

Today we discuss a monumental 20 miler and the hazards associated with it, podcasts I'm listening to, and a bit of this and that.

Sorry for the show length, it went about 15 minutes over production. I tried to cut out as much drivil from me as I could but it still ran a bit long.

Show notes/links:
JayDub's blog
Jesse's blog
Banned on the run!
Living Barefoot!
Julia Armstrong
Eddie Izzard Marathon Man

Episode 6 Direct download


  1. Haven't listened yet, but just had to say: You're ahead of me now! Told you it'd happen. No idea when my next ep will be out...

  2. Luv you have alot going on right now, the podcast is a side project. No worries. We all appreciate your contributions.

  3. Nice episode. I really enjoy your podcasts and postings. It is great that you are there.

    The 20 miler coverage and your "after run" experiences were funny, and had me laughing about the chocolate milk info. (so deceptive, aren't they?)

    I respect those that can push the endurance limits, but have a problem with those that do it un-healthy.

  4. Great episode Ted. You're going to have to take your recording gear out on that 'rail trail' next time so we can hear those "oohs!" and "aahs!" It sounds wonderful. Awesome run by the way - I so get not wanting to stop when your in a place like that.

    If only you'd stuck with the coke afterwards as you'd originally planned, you wouldn't have been so duped by the evil flavoured milk empire. ;)

  5. And thanks for mentioning the new blog too!

  6. Thanks Adam.

    JayDub, oh I'm totally going to take you guys out with me so I can describe it. Might not be a big deal for folks that live in the country, but it's a pretty big deal living around here.

    And np on the shout out :)

  7. Your comments about the false nutrition information on the milk resonated with me. As one running to combat obesity, I get angry when I find manufacturers with misleading labels. Keep up the work. One day I hope to have a BMI that approaches yours!