Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You don't have to run alone Episode 07

Hey there everyone, it's time for another YDHTRA episode. In today's bit I talk about my upcoming marathon! A bit on smoking, podcasts, and this run net community.

Sorry for the wind noise. I dropped the recorder during my half mary on Sunday and today the ear piece pickup went dead. That made it impossible to monitor if it was quiet enough talk or not.

Show notes:

Kelownagurl Tris
Early Morning Cruzin
Dirt Dawg
2 Gomers
Crazy Floridian

Food Rant

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  1. Hey Ted, heard ep 7 today. which might have been subtitled 'Gone with the Wind'. Chloe was a highlight: "I suggest you do more pwactice... d'ya understand what I'm saying?" What a sweetie!

    Good news about kicking the coffin nails too. I've had to bust through that one myself, but I was never quite 3 packs a day, so that's quite an achievement!

    So May 2 for the big race! Keep up all the great training you're doing, but don't whatever you do get injured!

    All the best.

  2. Your daughter was awesome! You really need to follow her advice, she know her stuff hands down. (Practice, drink water, sweat)

    Glad to hear you quit smoking. (I didn't realize you smoked or I would have mentioned it sooner. And, AND, you are so careful about what you put in your body! *smile* I had to say it.) I quit 13 years ago after 15 years of smoking. You will feel so much better after your lungs start healing.

    Not sure I qualify as a coach. We are all an experiment of one. I have been learning as I go, as you have, but thanks for the compliment.

    Remember to walk through the water stops. (only a few steps) This will allow you to get plenty to drink, and will not really affect your overall pace for the race.

    You drink WAY more water than I do. Make sure to get plenty of electrolytes so you don't end up in trouble.