Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today's run

Today's run began with much anticipation. I knew I wanted to do 13+ but honestly had no idea how I'd feel once I hit the road. I ended up recording Ep05 while on it. I'll edit it down tomorrow and publish. I'm pretty beat tonight and kinda just want to relax.

What made this run eventfull enough to blog about was the conditions outside. It was mid 50's so my gear was minimal, hardly any wind for the first time in recent memory, etc.

I tried a new cost effective version of my refueling gell.

Carrot Juice (made in the VitaMix all fiber included) for the Potassium
1/2 tsp sea salt for the required CaCl
1 Tbl Agave nectar
1/2 Lime juice
2 Tbl Chia seed

I actually found this to be a very good and effective electrolyte/refueling tactic. I honestly felt like I could go on all day. The reason I changed out the coconut water for the carrot juice is that coconut water is pretty doggon expensive here but carrots are really cheap and provide more than just potassium.

The run ended up being a personal best distance. The only reason why I quit was that I had told my wife that I'd be home by a certain time. And I didn't want her to worry. Run stats to follow:

Activity Type: Running
Time: 02:49:04
Distance: 17.13 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,388 ft
Calories: 2,677 C
Time: 02:49:04
Avg Pace: 09:52 min/mi
Avg HR: 141 bpm
Max HR: 151 bpm

So chalk it up to alot of factors I guess. Rest (at least 8-9 hrs a night), fueling, weather, everything came together for today's run that's for sure. I'm very very satisfied with today's performance.


  1. Nice job Ted! That was an awesome run. Thanks for posting the new concoction, I may try one of these some day. :)

    Are you on a set training plan, or are you kind of planning as you go?

  2. Just kinda going with my own flow right now. I'm researching a training plan that sets you up with a good milage base and puts you in a position to run a full mary in 4 weeks or less.

    I think that would be optimal for me. We'll see.