Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I ran with my Squadron and finished 4th of around 100 folks.

While not remarkable, what happened afterwards is.

At mile 4 of my fill in what I didn't get out of their workout, I found myself dozing off... I know I know, not sposed to do that. One loss of focus and WHAAM.


I was listening intently to Dirt Dawg and not paying attention (DD I don't hold you responsible) and my right foot cought the pavement. I processed this and guys I'm 100% serious my brain thought "Save the legs" because as we now know I'm doing the Frederick Marathon in a few weeks. I put my arms out, twisted slightly to the right and rolled on my left shoulder to absorb the blow.

The result was a torn up left hand, scraped left knee.... The leg could have been 1000 times worse if I would have landed differently.

Now I'm sitting here with superglue all over my body. I let everything weep and harden up naturally. With a layer of superglue over everything we'll heal up easily. But there's a lesson to be learned. I just talked about SA (Situational Awareness) in my last PC. I didn't stay alert. I let myself relax to the point where this happened.

Stay alert out there guys!


  1. Ouch, glad to hear it was only cosmetic injuries Ted. Good luck in the Frederick Marathon.

  2. Ouch, be careful man. Nice roll though, you would make a good judo player. :)

  3. Oooo, road rash is no fun. I'm glad to hear you're alright. I've definitely taken some diggers by allowing myself to get too relaxed on the run. The VFFs have been helping develop my SA while running lately since if you mess up, it's going to probably hurt.